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Adaptive reactions to change

Quickly and adaptively reacting companies have ensured that everyone within their organization knows current situation and practices as well the future vision and strategy. They are aware of the guiding principles that enable them to make daily choices that support the strategy. We help you create those guiding principles together with your people and enable your change agility.

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Use the following checklist to see where you are regarding adaptiveness to change within your organization:

  •  Everyone within your company knows the vision and strategy as well as the guiding principles for every day decision making
  •  Everyone within your company knows current way of working and it is clearly documented
  •  Your company has process architecture and process descriptions, which support your value chains and their development
  •  Everyone within your company is committed to change initiatives and development
  •  Your company culture and management practices support agile development and continuous improvement

If you did not answer Yes to all of the points, contact us.