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High Quality Process Models

Is process a swearword to you? Not for long! We model your way of working and turn the models into valuable tools for development and quality management. We visualize and phrase even highly complex entireties into understandable pictures and sentences that you are proud to exhibit.

Our Process Modeling Services

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

Your company works like a machine. Each process is connected to other processes, and the entirety produces the outcome your customer is expecting. Process architecture is a definition of how that machine works – how the big picture works and how different parts of the process are connected in order to achieve the end result.

We model your way of working efficiently and with high quality. We check that the model corresponds to real life operations. We integrate the process models into illustration of your process architecture. When your work instructions or process descriptions are incomplete or missing, each person working in the process has the power to perform the tasks in their own way. Your customer sees this possibly as a different outcome or variation in quality. For your company customer satisfaction is top priority. Therefore the corner stones of your business success are agreeing, modeling, communicating and following up on the ways of working.

Process architecture is the starting point and a map for successful system deployment and change projects concerning ways of working. If your map does not illustrate the reality, the changes planned based on that map do not lead to the desired destination. In addition to process modeling, we help you to utilize your process architecture in quality management, resource management, and for identifying development needs. We ensure your development projects get a smooth kick start by ensuring that the project team knows the process and comes to a common understanding on the targets of the project. With a clearly defined action plan we can ensure your projects head to the right direction from the start and reach the goal. Contact us.