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Change Implementation

Change is here already, did you keep up with it? We take the change under control and get the operations rolling again. We spar your company to be ready even for the most challenging changes in the ways of working and IT systems.

Our Change Implementation Services

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Changes from Plans to Practice

Are you planning changes to your company’s processes and systems, but are not sure what all needs to be considered, or where to start? Did a change already hit you before you had an opportunity to prepare? Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Changes are challenges to your business and your company’s operating model. A changed situation requires a new plan-do-check-act cycle (PDCA). The Time2LeanOn expert is specialized in facilitating change. Making use of the know-how of your personnel, we map the current situation and draw up an action plan. Together we ensure the new way of working is taken into use without compromising current operations. Contact us.

Looking for Ideas On Operational Development?

People carrying out their activities daily in the company know best both the current practices and the challenges they pose. Your personnel also have an enormous amount of ideas and thoughts, even innovations, on improving the ways of working and accomplishing something new.

Utilize your company’s resources by including and involving your personnel in development and planning, and give them a channel to refine their ideas and innovations. The Time2LeanOn expert facilitates tailored functional events and coaches your team. Together we can plan a suitable set for your needs and include it, for example, into a personnel development event. Contact us.